Manga 16 de Dragon Ball Super en inglés

Hola amigos de Dragon Ball Noticias. Recién publicado en Japón, recién filtrado en internet, y ya lo tenéis disponible en Dragon Ball Noticias. El Manga 16 de Dragon Ball Super en inglés, traducido en los foros de  ya está con nosotros, y vuelve a sorprender por la increíble capacidad para el dibujo de Toyotaro, así como por la ingente cantidad de detalles interesantes que ofrece

En él tenemos datos tan interesantes, como la muerte de nuestros kaioshins en el futuro de Trunks, su conexión con el dios destructor, los planes de Black con estos últimos, ¡e incluso una pelea entre Zamasu y Kibito! A continuación os dejamos los textos en inglés para que podáis leer el manga sin problemas. En las próximas horas trataremos de traer los textos en español también.

Sin más, a disfrutar!

Manga 16 de Dragon Ball Super en inglés

Textos por orden de aparición

Page 87
Narration: “Several years ago, in my future…”
Trunks: “Ha!!!”
Kaioshin: “Excellent as always, Trunks! Such splendid swordplay!”
Narration: “Kaioshin trained me in preparation for Babidi’s arrival.”
Trunks: “It’s all thanks to you, Kaioshin. I never could have come so far on my own.”
Kibito: “To think that a mortal would obtain the Z Sword. I’m shocked.”

Page 88
Kaioshin: “Well Trunks, let’s put the finishing touches on your training! This is Katchin Steel, said to be the hardest in the universe. Let’s test the Z Sword’s sharpness out on this!”
Trunks: “Alright then! Throw it!”
Kaioshin: “Here goes!”
Kibito: “Kaioshin! Babidi’s on the move! Looks like it’s finally time!”

Page 89
Kaioshin: “Let’s go, Trunks! As long as we’ve got the Z Sword, we’ll definitely be able to stop Majin Boo’s resurrection!”
Trunks: “Right! Um…But before we go, could you put my clothes back to normal…?”

Page 90
Kaioshin: “Huh…huh…”
Babidi: “Hahahah! Serves you right, Kaioshin!”
Kaioshin: “It…It wasn’t supposed to be like this…”
Babidi: “Nice going, Dabra! Get ‘em!”

Page 91
Kaioshin: “Trunks, let go! You’ll turn to stone!!”
Trunks: “Uwah!”

Page 92
Kibito: “W-What?! The Z Sword…!”

Page 93
Dabra: “Hahahaha! Die alongside Kaioshin there!”
Kaioshin: “I’m sorry, Trunks…I never imagined that Dabra would have become Babidi’s servant. I miscalculated.”
Babidi: “Idiot! Pui-Pui and Yakon were just decoys! I’d never let you interfere with my plans! It took me over 10 years to gather the energy to resurrect Majin Boo!”
Kaioshin: “I won’t let him be resurrected…Even if it costs me my life…!”

Page 94
Babidi: “Da-Dabura!”
Kaioshin: “Gyah!”

Page 95
Kaioshin: “Gah…”
Kibito: “K-Kaioshin! This must not be! You of all people mustn’t die!”
Trunks: “Ki-“

Page 96
Trunks: “Kibito!”
Babidi: “Hahaha! Serves you right! Kaioshin, I’ll kill you right away too!”
Kaioshin: “Khhh…”
Babidi: “Heheheheh…”
Trunks: “Stop it…”

Page 97
Trunks: “I fought hard for this peace….You think I’m just going to let you take it away?!”

Page 98
Babidi: “Wah! H-Hey! Isn’t he a bit stronger now?!”
Dabra: “His species must power up through anger. Not to worry. At this level, he’s no match for me…”
Babidi: “D-Dummy…! Gyah!”
Dabura: “Damn it!”
Babidi: “Uguguh…”

Page 99
Dabra: “You miserable little…! W-What?! I can’t move…”
Kaioshin: “T-Trunks! Finish him off now!”
Babidi: “Guuh…”

Page 100
Trunks: “Be gone!”
Dabra: “Wait…!”

Page 101
Trunks: “Huh…huh…huh…huh…”

Page 102
Kaioshin: “T-Thank goodness…Now the world is at peace once more…”
Trunks: “Kaioshin!”
Narration: “And so the return of Majin Boo was prevented, at the cost of Kaioshin and co.’s lives. However…This was merely the start of a greater despair.”
Black: “Kukuku…Wonderful. The most troublesome one of all…Universe 7’s God of Destruction…How fortunate that there’s a world without him…”

Page 103
Trunks: “A little while later, Black appeared and began killing people…”
Goku: “Geez, you sure have had it rough!”
Trunks: “Y-Yes…”
Whis: “It seems that in Trunks’ world you really have passed away, Lord Beerus.”
Beerus: “I guess this ‘Black’ knew that and took over that world.”
Whis: “However, very few people are aware that if a Kaioshin dies, a God of Destruction will die as well. Even among the gods, only fairly high-ranking individuals are supposed to know.”
Beerus: “Does that mean Black is actually some type of god?”
Whis: “What’s more, if he really was after a world without a God of Destruction or Goku and the others…then it’s also possible he can travel between parallel worlds.”
Beerus: “Hahah…! Don’t be ridiculous! That’s impossible!”

Page 104
Beerus: “Hey, Trunks! Are there really not any Gods of Destruction in your world?!”
Trunks: “T-That’s right. This is the first I’ve heard of them. So you’re one of them, then?”
Goku: “Oh yeah! I ain’t introduced you yet! This is Lord Beerus, the God of Destruction. And this is Whis.”
Whis: “Pleased to meet you.”
Trunks: “T-The pleasure is all mine.”
Goku: “Be warned, they’re way stronger than me!”
Whis: “Hohoho…”
Trunks: “Is-Is that so?!”
Bulma: “And they’re not very nice either, so watch out!”
Trunks: “Huh? What do you mean…?”
Beerus: “Wanna find out?”
Bulma: “OK, that’s enough talk for now! All else aside, we can’t do anything until we’ve charged up energy for the time machine!”

Page 105
Bulma: “Trunks, go change clothes for now. Hall No.29 is used to store clothes, so go pick out something you like.”
Future Trunks: “T-Thank you. Hey, little me. My how you’ve grown! Can you already become a Super Saiyan?”
Kid Trunks: “Y-Yeah.”
Future Trunks: “That’s great. Be sure and take good care of your friends.”
Kid Trunks: “Y-Yes sir…”
Future Trunks: “You…What’s your name?”
Mai: “I’m…M-Mai. How do you do?”

Page 106
Future Trunks: “I knew it!”
Mai: “H-Hang on…! A-Am I in the future too?”
Future Trunks: “Yeah…You could say that.”
Pilaf: “W-What about me?”
Shu: “Or me?”
Trunks: “Well…I don’t think I’ve ever seen either of you.”
Pilaf+Shu: “Oh…OK.”
Bulma: “Dinner’s at 6. Do you know where the restaurant is?”
Trunks: “Yes. It’s been destroyed in the future, but I remember where it used to be.”
Bulma: “I’ll be in the lab, so stop by if you’ve got time.”
Trunks: “Sure!”

Page 107
Future Trunks: “…Mai…”
Kid Trunks: “W-What’s the matter, Mai?”
Mai: “So tall, dark and handsome…He’s dreamy!”
Kid Trunks: “Huh?!”
Bulma: “For a kid, you sure talk like an old biddy…”
Mai: “Ahahaha…An old biddy! That’s a good one!”

Page 108
Narration: “The Future”
Black: “…He really has completely vanished from this world. The Kaioshins from outside this universe have all already been eliminated as well, and the Gods of Destruction no longer exist either. And now Trunks is gone from this world too. Does this mean there’s no longer anyone to oppose me? No…That’s not right…”

Page 109
Black: “It won’t end like this. Never underestimate a Saiyan’s stubbornness…I know that better than anyone. Guess I’d better check around a bit.”

Page 110
The Present
[the sign says “CC Restaurant”]

Page 111
Briefs: “So Trunks, you came from the future huh?”
Mama: “Hohoho…And here I was thinking you had just hit a big growth spurt.”
Future Trunks: “Haha…”
Bulma: “How is it? Tasty, right?”
Future Trunks: “Yes! Extremely! It reminds me of when I was a kid.”
Bulma: “That’s great!”
Kid Trunks: “M-Mai?”

Page 112
Whis: “Lord Beerus, have you tried the soup? It’s astonishingly good.”
Beerus: “Really?…It looks like Planet Gaspa dragon vomit, so I just left it alone.”
Goku: “So Trunks, you don’t have any allies in your future?”
Trunks: “That’s right…Black said he had defeated all the gods and so now there was nobody in his way. I imagine I’m the only warrior left…”
Whis: “…So the other universes’ Kaioshins have been killed as well.”
Beerus: “Wow! Delicious! …Geez, I guess that explains how I dumb jerk like that can go throwing his weight around over there. But then, this doesn’t just concern that world…Presumably this ‘Black’ will eventually show up in our world too and do the same thing…”
Whis: “Shall we ask Kaioshin if he has any clues?”
Beerus: “You mean ask about any gods who might turn evil?”

Page 113
Narrator: “Universe 10. The Kaioshin Realm”
Kibito: “Guh!”

Page 114
Kibito: “Mumumuh!”

Page 115
Kibito: “Hah!”

Page 116
Kibito: “Cheh!”

Page 117

Page 118
Gowasu: “The match is over! That’s enough!”
Kaioshin: “I…I can’t believe it…”

Page 119
Zamasu: “Thank you, Kibito.”
Kibito: “Y-You too.”
Kaioshin: “As I recall, Zamasu used to be Universe 10’s North Kaio…”
Gowasu: “Currently he’s training to succeed me as Universe 10’s Kaioshin.”
Kaioshin: “His skills must surely rank among the best of any Kaioshin, no matter which universe.”
Gowasu: “Indeed. And yet…Sadly, his personality is a little too earnest.”
Zamasu: “Everyone in Universe 7 is indeed of a high level!”
Kibito: “No no, I’m amazed that a former Kaio such as yourself could be so strong.”

Page 120
Zamasu: “I really admire you two. I heard how you handled Majin Boo a few years ago.”
Kaioshin: “No, we didn’t do it alone. And besides, actions like that are supposed to be a God of Destruction’s role.”
Kibito: “But our universe’s God of Destruction is always sleeping, so…”
Beerus: “Ha-chew!”
Whis: “…Do Gods of Destruction get colds?”
Beerus: “Earth nights are chilly…”
Kaioshin: “Anyway, if it weren’t for Son Goku and the rest, we would have been killed by Babidi and his men.”
Zamasu: “…? Who is this ‘Son Goku’…?”

Page 121
Kaioshin: “A kind-hearted Saiyan who lives on Earth.”
Zamasu: “A Saiyan?! Hah…Hahahah…Who ever heard of a mortal with more power than us gods?…”
Kibito: “It certainly is pathetic, and yet…recently there have been many such mortals.”
Zamasu: “That…That can’t be…”
Kaioshin: “Still, none of them have surpassed the God of Destruction. I guess relying on the God of Destruction is the right decision after all.”
Zamasu: “I think it was a splendid decision. That which is unnecessarily should be eliminated at once.”
Kaioshin: “…That which is unnecessary…?”
Zamasu: “Going forward, let us actively protect our universes’ order.”
Kaioshin: “…Alright…”

Page 122
Kaioshin: “Well, we should probably be going now.”
Zamasu: “Thank you for the sparring match.”
Kibito: “Kai-Kai!”
Gowasu: “As expected, you’ve got no problems when it comes to the martial arts.”
Zamasu: “Thank you very much.”
Gowasu: “It’s what’s on the inside that still needs work…”

Page 123
Gowasu: “Zamasu, look at this planet, Babari.”
Zamasu: “…Yes sir. Why, such savagery…!”
Gowasu: “Recently a sentient race seems to have developed, but they are a little too violent…What do you think we should do about them?”

Page 124
Zamasu: “Why not get rid of them now?”
Gowasu: “What do you mean, ‘get rid of them’…?”
Zamasu: “Exterminate them, of course.”
Gowasu: “What?! Zamasu, weren’t we just saying such things are a God of Destruction’s job?”
Zamasu: “Then what should we do, Kaioshin? Do you really think we could calm those brutes down simply by talking with them?”
Gowasu: “We shall observe. How about watching over them for another 1,000 years or so?”
Zamasu: “I doubt they will become any more civilized.”
Gowasu: “We can’t be sure.”
Zamasu: “Yes we can! There are examples on countless other worlds of this type of mortal! Looking at them all, isn’t it obvious?!”
Gowasu: “…Alright then. In that case, why don’t we go see.”

Page 125
Zamasu: “See?”
Gowasu: “Look.”
Zamasu: “A-Aren’t these…Time Rings!? I’ve heard these allow you to travel freely through time!”
Gowasu: “Indeed. With these, we can see the people of Planet Babari’s future. Are they truly not worth protecting? We can verify it with our own eyes.”
Zamasu: “…Alright then.”

Closing text: “What future will the apprentice-Kaioshin Zamasu see with the Time Rings…?!”